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The nose plays a crucial aspect in facial harmony and appearance, as it is situated at the center of the face. As Asians generally tend to have less nose projection, particularly in the nose bridge and nose tip regions, many may seek enhancements to achieve a properly projected and pointed nose.

It is important to assess the nasolabial angle when doing nose enhancements. This will give you information on whether a nose tip enhancement is needed. 


Another way of lifting the nose upwards is by injecting fillers into the pyriform fossa.

Treatment Options:

There are 2 ways to enhance the nose bridge without surgery: Nose fillers and Nose threads. Both are popular as it is a lunch time procedure with minimal to no downtime. 


1. Nose Filler



2. Nose Thread Lift



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Both are good options for nose enhancement. It is all dependent on individual nose anatomy, preferences and doctor’s experience.


Depending on how the doctor injects. Usually, there will be either an entry point wound or multiple injection wounds along the bony part of the nose. Most will heal in a few days. There will be no limitations on daily activities.

You should avoid alcohol and spicy food consumption for 1 day because these can cause vasodilation which results in bruises. Avoid any contact or pressure towards the nose for 2 weeks to allow fillers and threads to stabilise.

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