Dr Y.B. Choong

Medical Aesthetics Doctor
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About Dr Y.B. Choong

Upon graduating with a medical degree in year 2009, Dr Choong has since accumulated extensive experiences in the fields of plastic surgery, hand surgery, general surgery, orthopaedic surgery, urology, emergency medicine and medical aesthetics.

It was intriguing that a lot of patients with aesthetics and skin conditions do not know that there is treatment for their concerns.He has experience in skin & aesthetic medicine to empower his patients with knowledge and get themselves treated with proper HSA & FDA approved treatments which are based on scientific evidence. 

Extensive Experiences In Medical Aesthetics

Proper HSA & FDA Approved Treatments

Educational attainment

In the year 2012, Dr Choong was conferred the prestigious ‘Membership of Royal Colleges of Surgeons of Edinburgh’ in the UK. He was further awarded a Diploma in Dermatology by Cardiff University (UK), one of the most renowned university in the world, in year 2015. 

More about Dr Choong

Dr Choong is an experienced doctor in the field of non-invasive and non-surgical skin treatments. Dr Choong has been keeping up with the latest aesthetic developments by attending and presenting at international conferences. Outside of work, Dr Choong is a qualified Wine Sommelier. During his free time, Dr Choong enjoys cooking and spending time with his family.

“There is no greater joy, nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone’s life”
Dr Y.B. Choong
medical aesthetics doctor