Treatments for Pretarsal Hypertrophy for

First things first, what exactly is pretarsal hypertropy?

It's a rare condition where the muscles in your eyelids become enlarged, causing them to appear wrinkled and droopy.

The Humid Climate in SIngapore: A Common Culprit for Pertarsal Hypertrophy

Dr Y.B. Choong | Medical Aesthetics Doctor | Cienna Aesthetics Medical Clinic

Dr Y.B. Choong

Medical Aesthetics Doctor

Living in Singapore, we are all too familiar with the hot and humid climate. While it may be great for our tropical paradise, it can wreak havoc on our skin. The high humidity levels in Singapore can cause pretarsal hypertrophy, which is the enlargement of the pretarsal glands. These glands are responsible for producing oil that helps to lubricate our eyes. However, when the humidity levels are too high, these glands go into overdrive and produce more oil than necessary, resulting in swollen eyelids.

But why does this happen? Well, our skin is made up of pores that allow sweat and oil to escape. When the humidity is high, these pores can become clogged, leading to inflammation and swelling in the surrounding areas. This can be particularly noticeable around the eyes due to the delicate nature of the skin in that area.

There are two main types of Pretarsal hypertrophy:

Primary Pretarsal hypertrophy

Primary Pretarsal hypertrophy is believed to be caused by an underlying genetic predisposition.

Secondary Pretarsal hypertrophy

Secondary Pretarsal hypertrophy is typically the result of another condition, such as thyroid disease or diabetes.

Treatment Options for Pretarsal Hypertrophy

The Humid Climate in Singapore: A Common Culprit for Pretarsal Hypertrophy